Date Venue Title DL Notes
Nov 2020 US Patent US10834236B2 Server-driven custom context menus PDF  
Dec 2018 US Patent US20180107560A1 Extensible file synchronization PDF  
May 2018 Theory and Practice of Logic Programming (TPLP) A Review of Literature on Parallel Constraint Solving PDF  
April 2012 US Patent Application US20130291051 A1 System call interception PDF  
June 2012 AI Communications An Empirical Study of Learning and Forgetting Constraints PDF  
December 2011 TrustCom 2011 Intelligent Assistant for Context Aware Policies PDF 1
November 2011 US Patent Application US20130124567 A1 Automatic prioritization of policies PDF  
October 2011 US Patent US8689281 B2 Management of context-aware policies PDF  
September 2011 Workshop on Parallel Methods for Constraint Solving A Preliminary Review of Literature on Parallel Constraint Solving PDF  
August 2011 PhD thesis Improving the efficiency of learning CSP solvers PDF  
July 2011 RCRA 2011 An Empirical Study of Learning and Forgetting Constraints PDF  
April 2011 CSCLP 2011 C-Learning: Further Generalised G-nogood Learning PDF  
Sept 2010 TRICS 2010 Distributed Solving Through Model Splitting PDF  
Aug 2010 ECAI 2010 Learning When to Use Lazy Learning in Constraint Solving PDF  
Jul 2010 AIJ Implementing logical connectives in constraint programming PDF  
Jan 2010 PADL 2010 Lazy explanations for constraint propagators PDF 2
Sept 2009 CP doctoral program 2009 Propagating equalities and disequalities PDF  
May 2009 CIRCA preprint Learning implied constraints lazily PDF  
Sept 2008 CP doctoral program 2008 Learning arbitrary constraints at conflicts PDF  
Aug 2008 JAIR The Ultrametric Constraint and its Application to Phylogenetics PDF 3
Sept 2007 Misc SET award entry: Species trees and the ultrametric constraint PDF 4
June 2007 Dissertation Species trees and the ultrametric constraint PDF 5

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  1. Also an HP Labs technical report here 

  2. Supersedes CIRCA preprint “Learning implied constraints lazily”. Click here for experimental data and instances. 

  3. This pretty much supersedes my dissertation, since it is more complete and more precise. 

  4. I was shortlisted for the Science, Engineering and Technology award for Computational Sciences. The award was sponsored by Microsoft. I didn’t win but the entry was a good introduction to my species trees work, without going into the gory details.

    I went on a trip to London for the judging with my Dad, and we had a nice time although I didn’t win. 

  5. My dissertation was supervised by Patrick Prosser. Patrick gave me the problem to work on, which was something he has been working on for a few years. We made great progress together. We also spent the summer working on related problems; we subsequently published our work in JAIR.